Monday, April 29, 2013

March 13, 1913 - W. H. D.

Hello. how are you

enjoying your self?

fine I hope. How

do you like your new

home? We certainly

do miss you all up here.

Guess I will see you

Easter. Tell Scoop hello.

                     Bye. Bye.


Postmarked: Ringgold, VA
Addressed:  Miss Esther Richardson
                   News Ferry, Virginia

23.8.4. is a simple substitution code that stands for W. H. D.  The identity of WHD is not known.  Scoop is obviously a nickname for a mutual friend/relative.  Again the identity is not known.  Hopefully one day, the names of these individuals will be known.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

March 12, 1913 - Nannie L. Farson

Dear Esther,
            I received you
card, was glad to hear from
you. How are you all getting
on? fine I hope. George is
real sick again but hope
nothing serious.
            Esther, you don’t know
how sad I do feel one of my
best friends Howard Warren
is dead guess you have
heard about it, you know he
had the measles when you all left
 and went into pneumonia

[Page 2]

and died Sunday don’t you know we
will miss him. Papa went up there
soon Sunday morning he stayed by
him untill the last breath left, papa
said he certainly did die easy. He was
buried yesterday about 1 o’clock all hiw people from
Richmond had came. It was sad but
I believe we will meet him in Heaven.
            Sumpter came Saturday & stayed
Sunday afternoon. And he & Mr.
Henry R----- also was in the neighborhood
on Monday after you all moved Sunday.
Mr. Yeaman came here Sunday after-
noon he just left yesterday, guess we
will be tired out with him.
I heard Howard Roberts went down
about News Ferry last Friday. He seems
to be very sad since you left. I can
sympathise with him but we can see
each other soon I hope. Howard & Bryan
Lonie[?] & Stover were pall bearers and two
other men at Howard’s buriel I wish
it could  been two other boys but George’s
nerves just give out he couldn’t
be there we think he had a chill.
            Grandma, just came home a few minutes
ago Luke brought her she got sick & had
to have the Dr. they phone to us & we
went over there on Friday she was real
sick. Say, we haven’t gotten those pictures
yet no one has gone for them yet.
I am anxious to get them, just think
three weeks ago yesterday evening we

[Page 3]

went to that sociable at Cousin Stephen’s.
I took Howard & Lucie’s pictures just a little
while before he left three weeks ago this
morning. Esther I have a lot to tell
you it is almost mail time tell
Ruben we miss him awful bad we
often look over the place where you
use to live. Tell Mrs. Richardson I say
hello. Give my best wishes to all.
Howard Milam comes out here once
in a while to get water to drink.
You know I like that name & the
boy also, but I believe some one
else has cut me out. Esther I hope
this want disgust you I have made
so many mistakes but take them for
love. Will try & do better next time
You must answer soon.
            Your old friend Nannie Lee

Postmarked: Ringgold, Va
Addressed: Miss Esther Richardson
                  News Ferry, Va

Nannie Lee [Farson] was Esther's best friend.  She was a frequent correspondent with Esther. The events of this letter tell more about the illness and funeral of Howard Milam, a friend to both Nannie Lee and Esther. The previous post written by Lucie also gives details about Howard and his death.

Nannie Lee is frequently mentioned in letters and postcards among the friends and Nannie Lee letters will be found frequently on this blog.  You can read more about Nannie Lee Farson on my main genealogy blog Are You My Cousin? .