Monday, December 31, 2012

December 20, 1911

Hello: What are
doing this pretty
weather talking to B  I
guess. Esther, Susie
said that she wished you all would come
down here Sat and
bring her trunk that she didn’t any
clean cloths to put on and for you
to come ___ Pearlie is coming

__ ___ ___ can’t come and stay.
U__ x mas
come and stay a day or two be sure and
come and bring Susie’s trunk if you can.

Postmarked: ______, VA
Addressed: Miss Esther Richardson
R.F.D. 2     Virginia

The writer of this postcard was most likely Ila [Adams]. She signed her name just above the "o" in Post above.  Ila Adams (b. 1889) was the daughter of Julia Richardson and  Thomas Adams and first cousin to Esther. There is a possibility the writer was Ila Aherron, another first cousin to Esther and the daugther of Lucy Richardson and Thomas Aherron.  However, indications are this Ila went by the nickname of Sootie.

Pearlie may refer to Esther's first cousin Pearl Gosney (b. 1890) and daughter of Thomas Gosney and Amanda Sarah "Sallie" Richardson.  The identity of Susie is currently not known.

Friday, December 28, 2012

December 13, 1911

            How are
you all getting on
by this time fine
I hope I am getting
on all right
I have gone to
guess I will see
you Xmas.

Postmarked: Danville, VA
Addressed: Miss Esther Richardson
                  Ringgold, Va

The writer of this post card is Atwood Gosney, first cousin to Esther and son of Amanda Sarah "Sallie" Richardson and Thomas Gosney.  Previous postcards dated  January 2, 1909 and May 2, 1911 were also from Atwood.

Friday, December 21, 2012

November 24, 1911

Nov 24 1911

Dear Esther-
            How are
your boys getting
on up there. What
do you expect to do
on Thankgiving.
You bet that fellow
cleaned out your
well. I know he
will be there Ha Ha
C.T .Barnett

Postmarked: None

     Miss Esther Richardson
     Ringgold, Virginia

C.T. Barnett may have been Esther's first cousin Cam Barnett, the son of Cynthia Elliott and Sam Barnett.  If the writer was indeed Cam Barnett, he would have been about 11 years old.  This seems perhaps a little young, but maybe not.  Of course, the writer could be a different Barnett altogether.

Barnett cousins, what do you think?

Wishing your family a Merry Christmas!  Look for Dearest Esther to return December 28th!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

October 16, 1911

            How are you
standing this
pretty weather fine
I guess.
When you are sitting
all alone
and thinking of the
Remember that
 you have a
friend as long as
life shall last.

            By By Willie W

Postmarked: News Ferry, VA
     Miss Esther Richardson
     Ringgold, Virginia

The identity of Willie W is not known.  He appears to be a friend and early suitor of Esther's.

Monday, December 17, 2012

September 11, 1911 - Will Elliott

Surrender of Santa Anna, April 22, 1836

Hello      Sep 26.1911
            Received card all
O.K. was very
glad to hear from you and to know that you are enjoying
Life so well. Give all
my love and best
regards.  Bye Bye, Will

Postmarked: San Antonio, Texas
     Miss Esther Richardson
          R.F.D. #2          
          Ringgold, Va

Will Elliott is the son of CR Elliott and a first cousin to Esther on her mother's side.  Will wrote Esther frequently and at times signs his name W F Elliott or W F E.  His distinctive handwriting as well as the postmarks on his cards, make him easily identifiable. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

August 23, 1911

Hello how are you feeling to
day we are well as usual
Mama was to see Aunt Eliza
Sun. how is Aunt Hattie getting
on?I went to cousin Bill’s and got
Figs yesterday. You all
must be sure to come down
here while Ora is there and
bring her with you. Mama
says tell Aunt Hattie she must
come real soon come one
day this week. I am going to look
for you and Ora soon. Yours as ever

Postmarked: Ringgold, VA
Addressed: Miss Esther Richardson
                  Ringgold, Va
                  R #2

The writer of this postcard is Mannie, likely the daughter of CR Elliott and his first wife Evelyn New.  Aunt Eliza is Eliza Richardson Yeaman, Esther's paternal aunt.  Ora [Yeaman] is Eliza's daughter.  If Mannie is indeed Mannie Elliott, it would appear Hattie Elliott Richardson was not the only Elliott to interact with the Richardson.  Currently I have found no other connection between the Elliott and Richardson families.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

August 21, 1911

Fort San Cristobal, San Juan
 August 21, 1911
Vernon Hill, Va R.F.D. #1

Kind Friend can you
give me any information
where Mr. S. O. Talbott
is or please give me his address obliged
            Vernon Hill, Va

Postmarked: Vernon Hill, VA
Addressed: Miss Esther Richardson
                  Ringgold, VA
                  R F D #2

I am not sure who C. E. Talbott or S. O. Talbott is.  Esther Richardson was associated with the Talbott family.  Her uncle CR Elliott married Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" Talbott in 1915 and she herself married Boss Henry Talbott in 1915.   However, this letter was written prior to either of these events.  Of interest is the picture from Porto Rico on the front side of the postcard.  The postmark is from Vernon Hill, [Halifax County] VA.  This postcard is the first mention of Esther's knowing/interacting with the Talbott family.

Monday, December 10, 2012

June 18, 1911

Fort Sam Houston Camp, San Antonio, Texas

Hello Esther.
            How is
every Body?
Give all my
love and best
Bye Bye.
            [Signature rubbed off.]

Postmarked: San Antonio, Texas
Addressed: Miss Esther Richardson
                  R. F. D. 2
                  Ringgold, Va

The signature for this postcard has rubbed off; however, all is not lost.  This postcard is from W F Elliott, Esther's first cousin and son of C R Elliott.  The writer of this postcard is identifiable since Esther received other postcards from San Antonio, TX from WF Elliott who was apparently stationed there.

Friday, December 7, 2012

June 16, 1911

Hello  how did
you enjoy the wedding all
OK I hope
I liked it just fine good
by from a friend

guess who

Postmarked: Ringgold, VA
Addressed: Miss Estha Richardson
                  Ringgold, Va
                  R.F.D no.2

Guess Who appears on a number of Esther's postcards.  Often times there are clues somewhere on the postcard as to the identity of the writer.  Unfortunately, that is not the case for this postcard. I would have to guess that Guess Who is one of Esther's earlier suitors.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

June 1, 1911

Hello Hattie
            how are you
feeling this dry weather[?]
there. we are well as usual. we all
went to Eliza’s Sun had a nice trip.
we are coming over there before long.
you all must be sure to come next
Sun and get some cherries. they will be
about as good by then as they will
be at all so you must come next
Sun. let me know if you can come
and bring me a pink geranium________
I will send your patterns first ______
or by mail if you need them. I will
look for you  write soon.
Yours lovingly  Ruth

Postmarked: Ringgold, VA
Addressed: Mrs. D.T. Richardson
                    R #2 Ringgold, Virginia

Mrs. D. T. Richardson is Harriet (Hattie) Elliott Richardson, the mother of Esther Lee Richardson.  This is a postcard sent to Hattie from her sister-in-law Ruth Richardson Ricketts. Eliza is Hattie's sister-in-law and Ruth's sister Eliza Richardson Yeaman.  I love the every day things  these young mothers talk about.

Monday, December 3, 2012

May 5, 1911

Brackenridge Park, San Antonio, Texas
            Received card
this a.m. am getting
on fine. Give all my
love I am sending
D.T. a paper. had
a very nice Easter.
write soon. By By

Postmarked: San Antonio, TX
Addressed: Miss Esther Richardson
                  R.F.D. #2
                  Ringgold, Va

The writer of this postcard is not definitely known. It is simply signed Elliott.  Based on the postmark and the handwriting the writer was likely William F Elliott, Esther's first cousin and son of CR Elliott.  The D.T. referred to is Daniel Thomas Richardson, Esther's father.