Wednesday, December 12, 2012

August 21, 1911

Fort San Cristobal, San Juan
 August 21, 1911
Vernon Hill, Va R.F.D. #1

Kind Friend can you
give me any information
where Mr. S. O. Talbott
is or please give me his address obliged
            Vernon Hill, Va

Postmarked: Vernon Hill, VA
Addressed: Miss Esther Richardson
                  Ringgold, VA
                  R F D #2

I am not sure who C. E. Talbott or S. O. Talbott is.  Esther Richardson was associated with the Talbott family.  Her uncle CR Elliott married Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" Talbott in 1915 and she herself married Boss Henry Talbott in 1915.   However, this letter was written prior to either of these events.  Of interest is the picture from Porto Rico on the front side of the postcard.  The postmark is from Vernon Hill, [Halifax County] VA.  This postcard is the first mention of Esther's knowing/interacting with the Talbott family.

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