Friday, July 19, 2013

April 2, 1913 - Ruth Ricketts

Apr. 2, 1913,

Dear Hattie,
    How are you
feeling today? O. K. I hope
we are all well at
present I am coming
to see you Fri. if I can
& want you to meet me
at the depot I will just
bring this baby & will
come on the morning
train. love to all I am
as ever your sister.
    Ruth Ricketts

Ruth Ricketts is the sister-in-law of Hattie Elliott Richardson and Esther's aunt.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Probably March 1913 - WEW

          hope you
like your new
home fine.  I guess I will see
you Easter if
nothing happens.
well byebye
                  as ever a F.-

Postmarked:  None
Addressed:  Miss Esther Richardson
                     News Ferry, Va

WEW is thought to be one of the Willies who has written to Esther previously.  His identity at this time is still unknown.  WEW refers to Esther's "new home".  Esther moved with her mother and siblings to News Ferry, Va (Halifax County) in Jan of 1913.  Based on that date, this postcard is estimated as being written in March 1913.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

March 18, 1913 - Atwood Gosney

            Danville, Va
                        March 18-13

Dear Esther
                        I will with the greatest
of pleasure write you a few
lines to night. hope you
all are well. I am feeling
very well except a little

How are you liking down
there all O.K. I hope.
I guess you see Willie
as often as you want too
I have been having a fine
time last week and Sunday
but feel a little lonesome
this week for Duck went
home Sunday.
Tell Aunt Hattie that Mr
Bearman haven’t come home

[page 2]

yet so I haven’t strat
ened up with him yet
I have got to go to  Boston
Boston next week I guess
and I will try to make
it so I can stay over there
as I come back.
Well I haven’t any news
to write so I will close
write soon and a long
letter  be good

Postmarked: Danville, VA
Addressed:  Miss Esther Richardson
                     News Ferry, Va 

Atwood Gosney is the writer of this letter.  He is the first cousin of Esther and the son of Amanda Sarah Richardson and Thomas Gosney. Willie is most likely a mutual friend and possible suitor of Esther's as well. There is no known family relationship with the Mr Bearman referred to. Duck is obviously a nickname, but their true identity is not known. Aunt Hattie is Hattie Richardson - Esther's mother.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

March 16, 1913 - Howard Roberts

My Dear girl
                        How are you
ben standing this muddy
wether. I ben laying
close bye the fire all
the day. Now ben at
home all the  Even but
Bryan and Fletcher and
my self. I ben looking
at your picture wish
ing I could see you. I
ben staying at home
every Sunday  since you

[Page 2]

ben gone. I started to
come down there to day
but it was now close
to  easter I thought I
would wait. I want to
see you  sow bad it
seems like it been
too months since you
ben gone. bee down
at the Station Sat
even sow I can see
you as I pas. I going
dow to Boston and
come up there Sunday
even bee sure to
meet me bee sure
to come down Sat even

[Page 3]

when the train pass. Scott
come here wensday and
stad to Friday even
and Bryan tooked him
to the station he sad
he was going to Sutherlin
he said he was own
his way dow there. he
told Bryan I never saw him. I wrecken you herd
of Howard Warren ben ded
he did Sunday even but
2 o’clock . he had the
measles and the  paneumonia
in both sides. I going back
to the saw mill
_emrning. it looks sad
when I pass there. can’t
see you. Esther you is the
only girl I ever cred
any thing for but I
now you don’t think that
much of me. if you could
see me now you wont
now me fel way saw.
ben grieving sow. Esther
don’t let any one see
this for it such a mess
well I will close for
this. excuse this scribing
and all mistakes.

from yours true
frind Howard.

**sow = “so”
 Postmarked: Ringgold, Va
Addressed: Miss Esther Richardson
                  News Ferry, Va

This Howard is Howard Roberts of Pittsylvania County, VA.  Howard was an ardent suitor of Esther's penning many letters and postcards to her.  He often signed his letters HLR.  You can other correspondence from Howard Roberts here, here, and here.  You can also read a little more about Howard here on my main blog Are You My Cousin? .

Monday, April 29, 2013

March 13, 1913 - W. H. D.

Hello. how are you

enjoying your self?

fine I hope. How

do you like your new

home? We certainly

do miss you all up here.

Guess I will see you

Easter. Tell Scoop hello.

                     Bye. Bye.


Postmarked: Ringgold, VA
Addressed:  Miss Esther Richardson
                   News Ferry, Virginia

23.8.4. is a simple substitution code that stands for W. H. D.  The identity of WHD is not known.  Scoop is obviously a nickname for a mutual friend/relative.  Again the identity is not known.  Hopefully one day, the names of these individuals will be known.