Friday, July 19, 2013

April 2, 1913 - Ruth Ricketts

Apr. 2, 1913,

Dear Hattie,
    How are you
feeling today? O. K. I hope
we are all well at
present I am coming
to see you Fri. if I can
& want you to meet me
at the depot I will just
bring this baby & will
come on the morning
train. love to all I am
as ever your sister.
    Ruth Ricketts

Ruth Ricketts is the sister-in-law of Hattie Elliott Richardson and Esther's aunt.

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  1. What an amazing blog. . . you are so blessed to have so many treasures from your family!
    It's always so fun to read old cards. I have a few old postcards- the messages are as precious as the vintage images on the cards. Mine are from the thrift store- not family, though. I wish I had such keepsakes from my family!