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March 7, 1913 - Howard Roberts

Today's post marks the beginning of postcards and letters addressed to Esther in the year 1913.  Esther was 16 at the time of most of these letters.  She would turn 17 in November of that year.  Longer letters began appearing in Esther's collection during that time.  I will share the scanned images of these letters, though for the lengthier letters may only post the first page.  

*If you recognize your ancestor in these letters, please leave a comment.  I would be happy to share a copy of the full letter with you.

                        March the 7 1913
                        Ringgold Va
RL #2
My Dear girl
I will take the gretest
of pleasur in writeing
you a fue lines to let
you here me all OK
hop fine you same
wish I could see you
now. I felt sad when
I come out the train
Sunday. hated to see you leave.
Osker had his cutin[?]
Wednesday and give
us a pardy Miss Lucy
and nanny Lee was over
there. Maggie and Ellen
Hattie and you fellor
was over ther. I had a very nice time but
if you ben ther I en
joyed myself better
I am going to work
at the saw mil mond
ay. tell Ruben I think
he treted me very
nice. write to Eddie
and never wrote to
me. I don’t cere just
cut off a cut come and
take my ax and tote
it to the next cut
he did drag me rum
if I don’t get the cane__
to write before ____
meet me at the station
Sunday even
write fust as sun [soon] as
you get this I wont
to here from you real
bad.   Ringgold
care Mr Moss  RFD2

[across top]
from your


Postmarked: Ringgold, Va
Addressed: Miss Esther Richardson
                   News Ferry  Va
HLR in this letter is Howard L Roberts and not Esther's uncle Henry Lee Richardson.  Howard was a friend of Esther's and as future letters will reveal, an ardent beau! Previous cards from Howard can be seen here and hereLucy and Nanny Lee are the Farson sisters - both good friends of Esther's. Oskar [Oscar] is a friend as well though I do not know his surname.  Ruben is Esther's younger brother Reuben Richardson.

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