Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 11, 1913

Dear Esther,

            Your letter received a few
days ago, and was very glad to hear
from you all, and to know that you
are geting on well. I am enjoying
life fine and had a nice time
in Washington D. C. I will send you
a Picture that I had taken there,
that is Emmett with me. I guess
you would know him any way. it was
the first time I have see him
for about (15) years. I am not looking
for any time Easter for I am going
to stay close at home now till
I am Discharges. my time are getting
too short. I have only till the
27th of April. Give all my love
 and best wishes. Tell Hattie all right
 if she had ruther make camis clothes

[Page 2]
than write, to go ahead with her
hog killing. I don’t love to hear
that word work ha-ha. Well I haven’t
no news to write so I will sign off
for this time
            So By Bye. Till I see you

Letterhead:  Company “M” Seventeenth Infantry
                     United States Army
                     Fort McPherson, GA
Postmarked: March 11, 1913 – Ft McPherson, GA
Addressed: Miss Esther Richardson
                   News Ferry,

This is another letter from Will Elliott, Esther's first cousin and frequent writer.  His handwriting is certainly one of the easier ones to read!

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