Monday, March 18, 2013

March 12, 1913

                        Ringgold, Va
                        March 12, 1913
My dearest Esther:
            How little we know of our
blessed Masters dealings with such
when we separate with each other.
As you have now learned before now.
Dear Howard   called home
Sunday P.M. at two oclock.
He was sick only about nine days
and bore all his sufferings with
such patience.
Our hears are too sad to tell you
all about it.
Sometime I hope to be able to tell
it all.  But oh! Esther we can
feel perfectly satisfied about him.
For he was conscious until the
last breath, and hea had the sweetest
                vision, just before his last breath                                                 
he reaised both hands beaven-
ward and says “Oh Berta look
listen at that pretty music.”

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I feel like hi is now in that
 beautiful city of yonder await
-ing us.
I feel as if I have lost almost
a beloved brother. He was so
kind to me.
Well its almost mail time
but I felt like saying a word
if no  more.
I cant begin to tell you how
we miss you all everything
over there is sad looking.
George is real sick. I trust
it is only a short attack of
Grandma has been very sick.
She has just gotten home.
Give you mother and all my love.
Wish I could write more but dear
child I haven’t time. Write us  often
and please excuse ____, I feel as bad
this morning. Lovingly Lucie

This letter was not in an envelope.

The correct identity of Lucie is not known.  She may have been Lucie Farson (sister of Esther's friend Nannie Lee), but I think this may be another friend, cousin or possibly Esther's aunt Lucy Richardson.  

The grief is felt in Lucie's words over the death of Howard Warren of Pittsylvania County, VA. Over the next couple of letters, Howard's friends' grief is surely felt.

The identity of George and Berta are also unknown at this time.

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