Friday, March 1, 2013

18 November 1912

     How are you all getting
on and how is Uncle Daniel
Better I hope. I got here all
right only I had another
slight chill after I got here
I didn’ go to school this morn
Don’t you know Daisy drowned
dead in the shafts yesterday
evening right at Mr Watt[‘s] home.
Tell Atwood Pop said as now
he didn’ have any way to

[On front]
come and that he had work that he was just
obliged to look after that he didn’t recon he
could come up ther today _____ ans soon

Postmarked: P______ VA, Nov 18, 1912
Addressed: Miss Cordelia Aherron
                    R.F.D. #2           Virginia

This letter is another sent to Cordelia Aherron while she was visiting her first cousin, Esther. Ila is Cordie's sister.  Ila asked about Uncle Daniel [Daniel Richardson] unaware that he died the day she mailed the postcard. I'm not sure who Daisy is.  She could actually be a farm animal based on the newsy way Ila tells of her drowning in a shaft.  Pop is Thomas Aherron, Cordie's father.  Atwood is likely Atwood Gosney, first cousin to both Cordie and Esther.

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