Wednesday, February 27, 2013

November 18, 1912

How are you all? We

are as [weasel] excepting

colds Mr Hagood ___
been laid up with a cold
but is better now.
Why don’t you come up
here and see me I
would be so glad to
___ train you any
time you could come
I ant able to go much
yet an when I can go
I try and go to see Lizzie
her husband cut himself
offle bad cant walk any
at all an aint in some
time it 12 miles up there
it is worsome to me

[continued at top]
your friend Mrs. L P Hagood

Postmarked:  18 Nov 1912  Danville, VA 
Addressed: Mrs Daniel Richardson
                   Ringgold Va
                   R.F.D 2

Mrs Daniel Richardson was Hattie Elliott Richardson and mother of Esther. Mrs L. P. Hagood  was Lena Hagood (1898-1967) of Danville, Va.  Lena would actually have been the age/generation of Esther. This makes me question if I have the correct woman. I do not know the identity of Lizzie. Interestingly, the letter is postmarked the day of Hattie's husband's death.

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