Monday, February 11, 2013

August 30, 1911

Note: I have endeavored to post Esther Richardson's postcards and letters in chronological order; however, as you'll notice, this postcard is not in order.  It's a great card and I did want to share it.

     Your card received
this p.m. very
glad to hear that
you are enjoying
yourself. Give Ula
my love. Also Miss
Lucie. I guess she is the
party you say, Write
soon    Bye Bye  Will
[Across the top}
Give all my Love
and best regards

Postmarked: San Antonio, TX

                      Miss Esther Richardson
                      R.F.D #2        
                      Ringgold,  Va

The writer is Will or as he is also known William F Elliott.  He is the son of CR Elliott and a first cousin to Esther.  Will writes often to Esther and you can read more of his correspondence here, here, and here.
Ula is Ula Adams, daughter of Julia Richardson and Thomas Jefferson AdamsMiss Lucie is likely Lucie Farson, friend of Esther's.

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