Monday, February 25, 2013

November 1912

How are you getting
on with your
school? fine I hope
I am stripping tobacco, Miss
Hattie and Ila don’t
help me a bit. Bye bye
will see you again some day Edgar

Postmarked:  (Faded)  Probably Sutherlin, VA, 1912
Addressed:  Miss Cordelia Aherron
                    Ringgold   Va
                    R.F. D. # 2 
                c/o D.T. Richardson

Cordelia Aherron (b. 1895) was Esther's first cousin and the daughter of Lucy Richardson and Thomas Aherron.  By all accounts, they were very close. Cordelia (Cordie) appears to have been visiting with her cousins.  Edgar seems to have been an ardent admirer of Cordie's.  I am unsure of his surnamen.  Ila was Ila Aherron, Cordie's sister.  Hattie was most likely Hattie Yeaman, also a first cousin to Esther.

Cordelia was staying with Esther's family that November.  Esther's father D.T. Richardson died 18 Nov 1912.  Indications from previous correspondence shows that he had been ill at least for several months.  Perhaps Cordelia was visiting to console her cousin or assist the family is some way.

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