Monday, February 18, 2013

July 1912

Hello guess you
got my last
card. tell Ruben he outar bee with
me. I am just
having a fine time

[Across top]

 Postmarked (Partial postmark only): 1912, Roa__  Trans__  The exact date is not visible, but may be June or July. 
Addressed: Miss Ester Richedson
                  Ringgold, Va

Luther is Luther Hardy (b. 1893) and the son of James and Virginia Hardy of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. As you may recall, Luther was a suitor (or maybe "suitor wannbe") of Esther's. Luther previously wrote to Esther on March 31, 1912 and July 24, 1912. "Ruben" is Reuben Richardson (b. 1897), Esther's brother.  He is often referred to in the correspondence between Esther and her friends and family.

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