Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unknown Dated Postcard to Hattie Richardson

Hello Hattie how 
are you geting on 
and what hav
become of Almo [?Alma] I
heard a word from
her yet hope you are
all well by by H.L.R. 

Postmarked: None
Addressed: Mrs D. T. Richardson

H.L. R. is Henry Lee Richardson (1873-1942). He was the brother-in-law to Hattie Richardson (brother to her husband Daniel Thomas Richardson).  H.L.R.'s reference to Alma is a reference to his wife Alma Barbour.  HLR seems to be traveling but the details beyond that are no known.

This card has no postmark, but would have been written prior to 1913.  Jan/Feb 1913 is the time period newly widowed Hattie Richardson and her children moved to News Ferry , Va.

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