Monday, December 31, 2012

December 20, 1911

Hello: What are
doing this pretty
weather talking to B  I
guess. Esther, Susie
said that she wished you all would come
down here Sat and
bring her trunk that she didn’t any
clean cloths to put on and for you
to come ___ Pearlie is coming

__ ___ ___ can’t come and stay.
U__ x mas
come and stay a day or two be sure and
come and bring Susie’s trunk if you can.

Postmarked: ______, VA
Addressed: Miss Esther Richardson
R.F.D. 2     Virginia

The writer of this postcard was most likely Ila [Adams]. She signed her name just above the "o" in Post above.  Ila Adams (b. 1889) was the daughter of Julia Richardson and  Thomas Adams and first cousin to Esther. There is a possibility the writer was Ila Aherron, another first cousin to Esther and the daugther of Lucy Richardson and Thomas Aherron.  However, indications are this Ila went by the nickname of Sootie.

Pearlie may refer to Esther's first cousin Pearl Gosney (b. 1890) and daughter of Thomas Gosney and Amanda Sarah "Sallie" Richardson.  The identity of Susie is currently not known.

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