Friday, December 7, 2012

June 16, 1911

Hello  how did
you enjoy the wedding all
OK I hope
I liked it just fine good
by from a friend

guess who

Postmarked: Ringgold, VA
Addressed: Miss Estha Richardson
                  Ringgold, Va
                  R.F.D no.2

Guess Who appears on a number of Esther's postcards.  Often times there are clues somewhere on the postcard as to the identity of the writer.  Unfortunately, that is not the case for this postcard. I would have to guess that Guess Who is one of Esther's earlier suitors.


  1. What a lovely (if mysterious) card - carnations are my favourite. They remind me of sniffing around the garden as a child as the old-fashioned ones had such a wonderful perfume :-)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! I love sharing my great grandmother's postcards. One day I hope to discover who "guess who" is.