Friday, December 14, 2012

August 23, 1911

Hello how are you feeling to
day we are well as usual
Mama was to see Aunt Eliza
Sun. how is Aunt Hattie getting
on?I went to cousin Bill’s and got
Figs yesterday. You all
must be sure to come down
here while Ora is there and
bring her with you. Mama
says tell Aunt Hattie she must
come real soon come one
day this week. I am going to look
for you and Ora soon. Yours as ever

Postmarked: Ringgold, VA
Addressed: Miss Esther Richardson
                  Ringgold, Va
                  R #2

The writer of this postcard is Mannie, likely the daughter of CR Elliott and his first wife Evelyn New.  Aunt Eliza is Eliza Richardson Yeaman, Esther's paternal aunt.  Ora [Yeaman] is Eliza's daughter.  If Mannie is indeed Mannie Elliott, it would appear Hattie Elliott Richardson was not the only Elliott to interact with the Richardson.  Currently I have found no other connection between the Elliott and Richardson families.

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