Monday, November 19, 2012

August 19, 1909

            I received your
card  all O.K. Esther cousin
Daniel got his horse and buggy now.
He reached home about
eight o’clock, the horse
is not damaged much,
has fallen off some.
Cousin Daniel is not
so well, he is worried very

bye, bye,  Lizzie


  1. Ringgold, VA (Aug 19, 1909)
  2. Midway, VA (Aug 20, 1920)
This postcard is addressed to Esther in Midway, VA.  It appears she was away from home visiting relatives. I am unsure who the writer Lizzie was. Since the postcard references "cousin Daniel", Lizzie was likely a cousin on the Richardson side of Esther's family. Daniel was Esther's father Daniel Thomas Richardson.

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