Wednesday, November 21, 2012

September 9, 1909

Top Left Front:
address Buffalo Junction
Reuben Richardson

Bottom Front:
Hello Ester  How are you progressing
this rainy weather?                  Edward B

The backside of this postcard has been used by someone to practice penmanship.  The  multiple names written on the back included Katie Richardson, Danville, Reuben, Ringgold, and Willie Richardson. Willie was Esther's younger brother born in 1909.   Katie was Esther's younger sister born 1901. Perhaps it was Katie who used the postcard to practice her penmanship.

Postmarked: Buffalo Junction, VA
Addressed: Miss Ester Richardson 
                  Ringgold, VA 

Edward B was likely Esther's 22 year old first cousin Edward Barnett, son of Cynthia Elliott and Sam Barnett. 

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