Monday, January 14, 2013

February 20, 1912

Hello              Feb 2-20-12
            We are having some
fine weather here now.
Give Miss lucie my
regards. I guess that
is the party you spoke
about. is that right or
roung [wrong]? How is D.T. getting
on? Give Kattie my Love
By By
            W.F Elliott

Postmarked: Ft McPherson, Atlanta, GA
Addressed:  Miss Esther Richardson
                   R.F.D. # 2
                   Ringgold, Va.

WF Elliott is the son of CR Elliott and the first cousin of Esther.  WF Elliott was the writer of previous postcards on Sep 11, 1911, June 18, 1911, July 16, 1910, and Dec 2, 1909.  Miss Lucie could be family friend Lucie Farson. D.T. is Daniel Thomas Richardson - Esther's father.  There is some indication from later letters that D.T. may have been in poor health during part of 1912. Katie is Esther's younger sister.

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